Ooooh! So cute! Setting up my new Etsy account and I had to share these favorites!

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Jellyfish & Squids.

A quick list of the last two years:

1. We moved from Seattle, WA to Groveland, IL to Morton, IL to Lisle, IL.

2. We went from tiny home, to large home, to average-sized home and got rid of ALOT.

3. We got a puppy named Molly while we were in Morton. She is a year and a half now.

4. Sam and Sophie moved with us and still love us.

5. I went back to school for a semester to take a World Religions class.

6. I decided that I wanted to study Infectious Diseases and work towards medical school.

7. Mahar Dry Goods closed shop and "The Shy Monsters" are not currently available.

8. I am trying to learn a new drawing style to make a NEW coloring book.

9. "The Shy Monsters" are getting a facelift.

10. I am missing all my blog  friends.

xox = cah.


I'm a dork!

Three moves in the last year! Like a dork, I couldn't figure out how to get back into Blogger or Flickr, until tonight. More soon!

xox = cah.