Oh Sheesh. Seriously?

I am so exhausted and I have been here all night and I am tired and my fish just died. Literally, just died. He was a betta and he couldn't get to the top of his tank for air, so we put him in a cup, but he was still to weak to make it, so we lifted him up for air and he took one last deep breath and died (betta's breath air).

Nothing seems to be going right since we moved to Illinois. Our puppy has mange, we took our cats to the vet and moments after we left, they both started having strange reactions and the little one lost her hearing (maybe a bad ear infection) and the baby started loosing his hair (maybe ring worm). Our three yellow snails died.

Really, we are good animal parents. In the last year though we made some major life decisions and I feel we did them wrong and I am sure we are being punished now. Also, the battery on my keyboard is dying, so I am forced to get some sleep. xox = cah :(


  1. hey christine, i just noticed that your blog has been recently updated!

    i hope you are doing OK - i'm so sorry to hear about your fish and other pet woes.....


  2. all i can do is send you a virtual hug and hope that it makes you feel a little better!

    H U G !!!!!!! <--- did that help?


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