Hello Again!

My name is christine ann haynes. 

I love my old blog vegasandvenice, but, I allowed it to fall into dis-repair. I am making a fresh start. It might be slow going, but I hope you’ll stick with me. xox = cah.


  1. this is too weird. i was totally thinking about you yesterday. i was browsing through all your old pictures on flickr and i was acting like a stalker after awhile because i was trying to figure out the last time you were online by looking at the dates of your most recent favorites! haha!

    how are you? i feel like it’s been forever. i’m so glad to see you back, blogging again i’m sorry we lost touch. ahh, so much to catch up on!

  2. Oh my gosh! That is so sweet. I am always looking around for you too! I just found your new blog. I love it! I check in on it like every two minutes now!

    We are doing well. We moved to Illinois in February, so that’s different. I have carpal tunnel, which means that I have not been on the computer or writing very much. I am desperate to write you and connect with you and send you goodies, though. You deserve sooo much mail!

    Your lovely mail is some of my most prized possessions. I keep it all in a little box of things that would leave with me in case of a fire or you know… an emergency re-location to Spain *smile*

    We just got all of our things out of storage in Seattle. Some of it has been there since 2005, including some goodies for you! (Thought they were lost in the 2006 move). I am going to start gathering them and get them ready for a new package!!

    A big hug to you! I need to know everything! Please, please give a hug to Jaime for me and tell him “congratulations!!” Next, please give Fitzy a cuddle for me and tell her “congratulations!!” Lastly please give yourself a hug (or ask Jaime to on my behalf) and tell yourself “congratulations” and “take good care of yourself” and “i missed you!!”

    xoxoxoxo = cah.

    p.s. I started making things for the baby last night

  3. Oh my gosh! Sweet Kuky! I was just about to look you up! How are you? I am on my way over to catch up with you!

    Big hug!!!

  4. Oh glad to see you’re back! Good thing I use a reader so though it’s been a while since you’ve posted I knew right away.


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