Our friends got this adorable puppy (Chico) a few days ago and sadly had to go out of town this week. So, I get to puppy sit. Yay!

Isn't he adorable? He is a bit of a handful, but he is so sweet and cuddly and all-in-all pretty well behaved. Although, the little one is chewing my laptop ... again.

We have been so incredibly busy this summer, but more about that later. I am thinking of you and looking forward to spending some catch up time with all of you and your lovely blogs. Hugs. xox=vv.


  1. you've been missed in blogland!

  2. what a cutie, good luck he looks like mischief!

  3. Hi! What a beautiful dog! I love puppies too! This looks like a little icebear.
    Thanks for all your comments on my blog. I'm so happy to have news from you!

  4. awwwww!!! what a cutie pie. pet sitting is buckets of fun, you get to "try" on a pal for a while, hehe.

  5. Hi!what a cute sleepy puppy...


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