Simply Beautiful.

Hello lovelies.

Quite a long time ago, Dawbis and I agreed to a trade. It took me a while to get my part of the trade to her. She should have penalized me, but instead she promptly sent a huge package of the most beautiful creations.

I think this postbook might be one of my absolute favorites of all time, although it is almost impossible with the line-up of her awe-inspiring creations. I can not help it though. There is something about the book format that makes it feel like a little secret world between the cover pages.

Isn't she the very best ever? Do you want to hear the most mind-blowing part? This is not even half of all the wonderful things that she has sent to me. Can you believe it? I've been planning to share all of this Dawbis goodness with you for months now, but I put all of my favorite things in our Security Deposit Box while we went through all of our moves. We are finally re-united. Hugs. xox=vv.
P.S. I had to edit and remove many of the photos from this page because they were not showing up. I am not sure what went wrong, but I hope to fix it in the near future. I think you can still see the other photos on my Flickr page.


  1. I love these cards!!! Does Dawn have a blog too? I so, which one is it?

  2. Thank you for the information and for leaving the nice comment on my blog!

  3. lucky girl, these are amazing!!!

  4. Gorgeous tags. Great idea to have a little piece of art when you're done.


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