The Paper Quilt Project.

I am terribly honored and lucky (although un-deserving *smile*) to be an April participant in Dawn's beautiful Paper Quilt Project. I borrowed this scan of my collage from her flickr page. Thank you very much dear girl!!

This post will be finished in just a little bit. Gotta order dinner! All right, where was I? Here is an in-progress picture. It is not very good and I planned to take a lot more, but once I really got started I completely forgot.

The other artists are totally incredible and I can hardly wait to see their collages (like lovely Lisa's). I don't know how Dawn thinks of these amazing projects, but I am very grateful and constantly in awe. Hugs. xox=vv.


  1. ooh, you're having a posting frenzy! SO much colour and variety, love it all, especially the blue yarns and the floral fabrics hanging together. xox

  2. ok, finally catching up on some blog reading this weekend -- i LOVE your design. :)


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