I picked this lovely little book up at the Kinokuniya Bookstore in Seattle. I only had a few minutes to look and I could hardly tear myself away. Actually I couldn't. Simon had to have me forcibly removed from the store.

I can not wait to go back. I think it is my favorite place on Earth. I wish I could read all the books and understand all the instructions, but it is certainly not a deal breaker. Just look at these photos.

I am desperate for my gocco and a place to sew. A lot of my supplies are in storage and we still lack a table, chair or anyplace suitable to operate a sewing machine.

Oh well, I guess I should be cleaning anyway. I certainly have enough to do, but it is hard to ignore all of this new-found inspiration. Hugs. xox=vv.


Spring Greetings.

I can not keep this to myself any longer. I must share. I love this too too much! Isn't it a strange combination of creepy and girly? Mildly perverse and delightfully feminine?

Short and sweet. I hope you all have a wonderful evening. Hugs. xox=vv.


The Paper Quilt Project.

I am terribly honored and lucky (although un-deserving *smile*) to be an April participant in Dawn's beautiful Paper Quilt Project. I borrowed this scan of my collage from her flickr page. Thank you very much dear girl!!

This post will be finished in just a little bit. Gotta order dinner! All right, where was I? Here is an in-progress picture. It is not very good and I planned to take a lot more, but once I really got started I completely forgot.

The other artists are totally incredible and I can hardly wait to see their collages (like lovely Lisa's). I don't know how Dawn thinks of these amazing projects, but I am very grateful and constantly in awe. Hugs. xox=vv.


It's Really Old, But I Did Make It.

That must mean something. I know that at some point I posted this picture of my puppies elephant, but did I also show you this coaster I made? I am not sure if I kept it during the move, but I have got to say that it was the best coaster that I have ever had.

It would absorb the water from your drink and would discolor slightly, but then a little later it would look brand new and still be conveniently free of puddles. It was a modern crafting miracle because it worked out just the way it was supposed to without prior planning or expensive tools or equipment that I did not already own. Crazy! Anyway, Hugs. xox=vv.


15 Out Of 135.

That is how many posts I still have to repair. Not too bad. Some of the pictures are still earmarked private on Flickr. I will change that next. I think you should still be able to see them though.

Oh this picture is not so great. I took it so so long ago now. I just like the colors and thought I would post it anyway.

We were supposed to do all sorts of things this weekend and yet we accomplished absolutely none of them. Why am I so exhausted then? Hmmm. Strange. I hope you are all having a wonderful and restful weekend! Hugs. xox=vv.

Fruity Chandelier.

Hello Lovelies. I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend! I just wanted to quickly share this photo from dinner tonight.

This is the atrium of our favorite restaurant. Yes, that is fruit hanging from the chandelier. Mmmm ... yummy! Hugs to you all. xox=vv.


Continuing To Test And Grow.

Hello Lovelies. I am working a bit behind the scenes here as I am working to rebuild the oldest pages of this blog. Unfortunately, I know that those delightful people using bloglines may be seeing these tests and I apologize.

This is a quick test of Flock. It seems like a great browser. It integrates Flickr, Blogger and Bloglines. There are a few things I am trying to figure out. I will have to let you know more later. Hugs. xox=vv.