Sold Out.

Hello lovelies! I want to quickly thank everyone who purchased a Shy Monsters Coloring Set from Mahar Drygoods. They are all sold out again, which is fabulous! Thank you Amy and Robert!! There should be more on their way soon, but the amount will be limited. Hugs. xox=vv.


  1. congratulations girlie, that is great news.

  2. Hey, your a sell out, how cool is that!

    Sweetest woman your package came and I was so surprised! And thrilled. I felt bad cause I wasn't at my home Mac so I couldn't email and on Mr P's mac (landline) I can't get other people's sites up unless he knows his clients aren't going to call. But he's out now so grabbing this moment to say THANK YOU SO SO MUCH you honey bun!

    I will email properly from home tomorrow. I've posted your gift on my blog, and am going to try and do your painting now, if it will download on this Mac. Love you, you know I do xxx


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