I Guess We Will All Have To Wait And See.

Hiya Lovelies. Thank you for the hugs yesterday. I really needed them! Do you know what I forgot to tell you? Oh ... no, I guess you don't. Last weekend we celebrated our sixth anniversary! Isn't that neat? I think so. Anyway, Simon planned two secret events, the first of which takes place tonight. They are both at the Moore Theater (the second one is Saturday) and I am going to do my absolute best to not figure out what they are until the very last minute. If you know, please don't tell me. Hugs. xox=vv.


  1. Oooh happy six year anniversary!

  2. Well a happy anniversary to you both! I wish I had someone to have anniversaries with. Your special surprises sound lovely, can't wait to hear more. And they will hopefully wipe that nightmare from your mind, no wonder you freaked, I'm glad it was all a bad dream and that real life is so much sweeter for you. Just like you are so much sweeter!

  3. this is late, but congratulations christine! i hope your cold is lightening up. feel better soon!


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