Closing Day.

Hiya Lovelies. I am sorry I have been really absent this week. I have a pretty bad cold (read: No packing what-so-ever has been accomplished). Hopefully this is closing day and tomorrow is moving day (we have a rental truck reserved and appointments with the cable guy and washer/dryer delivery men). I hope we will be settled soon.

I know I am always saying that. That I will catch up soon. I whole heartedly think that the moment you begin thinking about a feasible new direction in your life that you become unsettled. That is what has happened to me. I have become unsettled and I hope to be on the other side of that soon.

When I am, I have a lot of projects in mind and I have a lot of changes I want to make. I am seriously considering the abolishment of monthly reviews. Why? Well, I always want to hoard every photo for the months end and I always want to save every story for the review. When the time comes though it is a lot of work to get all those photos together and I feel pressure to say something interesting with each one. Which I have been failing at greatly.

Instead, I would like to post more often. I still dream of balance. I want to comment on all of your sites and tell you how wonderful and creative you are. I look forward to that. Until then, please know that you are ridiculously talented and terribly inspiring! Hugs. xox-vv.

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  1. my your closing day be the beginning to your quest for balance!

    and i heart your red appliances! :)


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