I Hear That They Are Almost Gone.

Hello there Lovelies! I almost forgot to tell you that the Shy Monsters Coloring, Journaling, Story Book is available again at Robert's delightful Mahar Dry Goods.

These photos are from his site. Aren't they wonderful? Speaking of wonderful, a big thank you to the delightful Amy Karol who mentioned the available sets on her beautiful blog today! You are a real doll! Have a wonderful day lovelies. xox=vv.


Oh Yes. There Have Been Many Projects This Month.

Have I shared them with my favorite lovelies yet? No. I am a naughty naughty blogger. I will try to add a few of them to the monthly update. In the meantime, I apologize.

I am sharing this with you though. You may or may not remember my painting for my grandfather last year. Well, this is technically it's companion piece as it is a birthday painting for my grandmother. They are similar in their sparse design, but not in their themes.

You may feel free to laugh at it heartily. All I ask is that you try not to laugh so so loudly that I can hear you all the way over here in Washington. Thank you lovelies. Hugs. xox=vv.


News & Reviews.

Oh hello again lovelies! Oh boy, am I ever behind with my January review. Oh my goodness, I apologize! You only have to wait a moment more (I know these reviews are just sooo exciting) because I want to share some nice news with you.

First of all, February 4th marked the first anniversary of the vegasandvenice blog.

Secondly, we put an offer on this one bedroom one-and-a-half bath condo this morning and a few hours later we had mutual acceptance! I am very superstitious (dunno why) so IF we close it will be in a little more than three weeks. Yay! I feel positive that there will be more about that later. Now, lets start the January review.

Sadly, we will be leaving this lovely view behind. What could be better than the city and the mountains and the ocean? Talk about a million dollar view. This is the Space Needle from my pillow. Conveniently, I did not even have to lift my head to watch the fireworks on New Years Eve, which was nice because I was already asleep.
I am starting to see a theme with this whole "review" thing. Trees. Apparently, I take a lot of tree pictures because they always show up in the monthly review. I did not even know I liked trees so much.
Do these pictures even need explanation? Probably not. Cute sleeping Charlie Pup and his grumpy one-eyed side kick (who is really not so much grumpy but instead quite cuddly).
These are from the Press condos in Seattle. We had a great tour and a nice visit but decided it was not the right place for us. Lovely, but not the right place.

Sadly, we felt the same way about the Decatur. It was a bit too far from our desired location, but I loved the view.

You know what else I love? You. Thank you for all of your support. I am sorry that I could not finish this post last night (I wasn't feeling so great). We watched Marie Antoinette and cuddled which was very, very nice. I send you all some of our extra cuddles. xox=vv.



Oh gosh and golly Lovelies! I am sorry that this update has taken so very long to post. I am running a bit behind. Our bed has been my constant companion as I recover from a back injury. This post is evidence that I am on the mend. I hope to post a January-in-review shortly.

Until then, here is a little postcard I made, oh goodness knows how long ago. It was promptly sent off to the charming and delightful Mrs. Dawbis as part of an on-going (I don't know how I got so lucky) postcard trade. I am soo terribly pleased that we have become friends.
Please know that you are all in my hearts and in my thoughts. I appreciate every kind word that you have shared with me. I have not forgotten them and I look forward to responding to them all. Hugs. xox=vv.