November & December In Review.

Hello again Lovelies. I found some pictures from both November and December. I hope you like them.

This beautiful snow came shortly after we put the house on the market. Six inches of lovely white snow! The whole world seemed strange and exotic. Walking Charlie by the nature reserve at the end of our street we could hear the trees crack and groan as they were overtaken by the ice.

November was a particularly nerve wracking month. Our house went into escrow and my stomach went into knots. I thought that buying a home was a tumultuous experience but I now firmly believe that it is not half as bad as selling one. I took these photos while I stood waiting in the cold for a very thorough house inspector to complete his work.

On the 22nd of December our escrow closed and we left our first home for the big city. It was some-what bitter sweet. I know the house is in very good hands though, and that makes me feel better.

In November we also lost our beloved family car. It belonged to my great uncle, my grandparents, my step-mom, my aunt and finally my dad before he sold it to us. This is a picture of it moments before the donation company towed it away. We brought a new car into the family which has turned out to be the perfect city car. We named it Link. Charlie likes Link.

Everyday things became less mundane from the front seat of our new car. Isn't it interesting how that happens? How your perception is altered by the smallest changes in your environment.

In the last few weeks though, our entire environment has drastically changed. We love it and we are adjusting well. It has the strangest mixture of feeling completely like home while at the same time feeling completely foreign.

We celebrated New Years in the most mundane way though. We had a tennis championship on our Nintendo Wii. My mom (who was visiting) won by a land slide even though it was all completely new to her. She decided to leave her job to become a tennis pro and is now sponsored by Nike. True story.

This last group of photos are somewhat random. A quick project in our new space, a glimpse of our new kitchen and lastly the most beloved contents of our security deposit box. Hugs. xox=vv.


  1. hello there! i got your very sweet and oh so cute card and now need to wrap up and send you your over due goodies.... soon... i promise....

    i hope you are well.... i loved the little re-cap....

  2. Wow, lots of great pictures. So, is that fantastic red car YOUR new car, or something that you saw from your new car?

  3. so many nice pictures. fun to read what you've been up to.
    your story about your mom being a tennis pro reminded me of eddie izzard. are you a fan? ;-)

  4. Yey great to have you back and what a seasonal set of photo's, they're fab. Especially love the photo of Charlie in the car and the shot of the cool retro red car.

    Nice to see your snow, we had a dusting last night but it's gone now, global warming *sigh*. I think we may get more tomorrow, I just want enough to make one snow thing.

    Forgot to say I tagged you, I wasn't all that into it cause I was busy planning doggyness!

    Anyway, have the happiest January and good luck with the search for the perfect place.

  5. Love your photographs. Please visit my site and tell me what you think - I'm pretty new and want to get to know you all!



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