Well lovelies, I tried! After Hubby picked up the new Holiday Martha for me this morning I thought that I would make him a very special treat. Meringues. Yes, this is a picture of those very meringues.

And yes, they do look like fried neon pick egg turds (please pardon my language). They did not come out like Martha's at all! I am not sure where I went wrong! I was going to wrap them up all pretty to show you their red holiday beauty, but when these came out I just said "screw it there is no way to make these look good."

Of course, He did not mind. They were gone before I could write this post. I had one and when I looked back he had eaten the remaining 35. They did not taste too bad but they certainly weren't hers.

Ah well, what can you do? More soon. Hugs in the meantime! xox=vv.

Update: I found a way to make these look good after all! I replaced my photo with the one from Martha's Holiday Guide! The photo of my meringues was really yucky!


  1. but they are YOURS!

    i can't stop giggling at fried neon pink egg turds

  2. You've gotta love a husband who doesn't complain about a wife making f.n.p.e.t. for him.

    That's love, really.


  3. Hee hee hee! You know what I first thought when I saw the picture before I read your post? Mmmm yum...that watermelon looks good. :) Looking again I can see they clearly aren't watermelons. Guess I'm in the mood for watermelons huh?


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