New Phone Day.

Oh aren't you sweet to stop by! I am sorry that this post does not contain any juicy craft photos. Of course I am not really sure that I have any juicy craft photos. I think I will have to work on that! Note to self: Try to make craft photos not only well lit, but also juicy! There!

Yesterday was new phone day. We have to upgrade our cell phones once a year. Our phones do not ever make it through a whole year. This time my phone lasted oh .... four months. After that, it developed this delightful habit of shutting itself off whenever I answered a call. His Razr worked fine, mine was horrible. After a few unsuccesful encounters with Motorola, we decided to go a different route, Samsung. These may be returned within the week as we are not 100% sold on them. The salesman would NOT give us a minute to discuss our options by ourselves. He was nice, but constantly trying to close. Oh and the photos came from Letstalk.

On another note, Blogger has added a new feature called Labels. I may be doing a lot of reposting while I try to get things up-to-date. Please forgive this inconvenience Blogliners, I apologize. I believe that you can chose not to see updates if you look at the subscription options for my site. I would be very happy to help if you have any questions!

Etsy goes live again tomorrow and I am very excited! I love newness! You are pretty darn fabulous too! Hugs! xox=vv.

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  1. Wow what a pain. I used to have my old old cell phone for years and years and it was all ratty and beat up but it worked great. Then I got a new one when we changed carriers. I was expecting to have it for years and years until ummmm...Isabelle drooled on it.


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