Most Adorable Thing Ever!

I am still working on it. The positioning was lovely and happy and then I noticed that the height of the browser was making some of the pages jump position. Lovely Lisa tried to help me but I think I am not properly grasping the very logical things that she is trying to tell me. I rebuilt all the pages using the same template (did that last time too, but now I used the blog template) and they all look the same 90% of the time. Oh well, I know this is boring.

To take your minds off this overwhelmingly uninteresting post, I want to show you the most adorable thing ever. This is a post about the very first words of beautiful, beautiful Isabelle over at sweet and lovely Miss Kuky's. Matilda was there and you must see the outfits! The whole house is filled with the cutest inhabitants and this is just a little bit of extra proof. Well, good night and hugs. More work tomorrow, xox=vv.

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  1. i think it's close enough now.... the shift is so so slight... i'm sorry i couldn't explain it better....

    good luck finishing!!


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