I Am Found.

Hello lovely darling beautiful people! I am here and I am sorry I have been away sooo long, but I am sick, sick, sick and He has been sick too! I expected to be better quite a while ago, but alas I seem to be getting a little better and then worse. Not sleeping too well and things taste yucky!

This is the only thing that tastes good right now, Changs Mongolian Grill. Mmmm ... Yummy! This photo was taken at dinner with our new Nikon D80 (yeah I know more on that later). The waiter kept giving me funny looks. Doesn't he understand? I am weird!

Lost was great last night and Project Runway was even better! I am so happy that Jeffrey won! I loved everybody's work and I thought they were all beautifully created. However, I think that his work was not only beautifully constructed but also showed a lot of ingenuity. I was so nervous for him that when Heidi paused dramatically before announcing the winner I squeezed my eyes shut and winced. I clapped and clapped when she said his name!!

Well my cough is back and this post is much longer than expected. I owe everyone an email and I am casually checking out blogs but not commenting. I am thinking of you all! I hope you are all doing very well!

Oh ! I forgot! The realtor is coming by today. We are going to try to sell. I am very afraid that it is going to be impossible in this market. Would you please keep your fingers crossed for us?

Thank you in advance. Have a wonderful day everyone! Hugs! xox=vv.


  1. Oh I'm sorry to hear you're still feeling sick. Hope you feel better soon.

    And good luck with the house. I'll keep my fingers and toes crossed for you! ;-D

  2. D-80? wowzers! congrats!

    sorry you are sick.... feel better.... and many many fingers crossed for the house sale!

  3. wishing the both of you well! i did wonder where you had gone! i'm sorry to hear you are not doing well.

    and i have my fingers crossed for you <3


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