Dreaming Of Home.

Hello Lovelies! I am feeling a little bit better today! Yay! I do not want to jinx myself otherwise I would say that I am officially on the mend. But I won't.

Our friend and realtor visited with the Mister last night (I waited down the block in the car with the dog cause I was not sure if I was contagious *smile funny*). The realtor said some things that I would call positive, if I was not superstitious, but I am, so I won't! I am very cautious about getting my hopes up. Having said that, here is my current favorite of all the homes that I have stared at longingly.

Now, I am not sure that I would call this my dream kitchen just yet, but please imagine it painted white with some beautiful new countertops and new appliances. I would use the shelves for display storage of beautiful things and it would be beautiful. Beautiful.

Tomorrow, we are off to explore the city. We will find a lovely place for breakfast, visit Plush You, and attend The Rat City RollerGirls Championship Bout. We will meet with the realtor again early next week. *eek* Next weekend, we have tickets to the Regina Spektor concert and a day trip to Victoria planned. Busy Busy Busy. I am looking forward to it.

Oh and with all these events on the calendar we are very happy to have our camera situation figured out. We did return the D70 for the D80 (the salespeople at Ritz simply adore us). You see, I am a girl who likes up-close detailed pictures of still objects and He likes the fast paced world of high flying bird photography. The increased megapixels and zoom capabilities of the D80 and the new 18-135 lens make this far more enjoyable for Him. Since, it was supposed to be His birthday present I am glad that he is really starting to enjoy it!

This lovely little local birdie is one of His very first pictures. Before the D80 all of the birdies looked like little blurry dots. He is absolutely delighted and that makes me very happy. Well, I better get going. Talk to you soon! Hugs! xox=vv.


  1. well, hell ellll elll elllll ooooh.... very nice shot... look you can see the rings of water at his tail. i think that d80 will be well worth it.

  2. Hi there, birdie! Great shot.

    I'm glad you're feeling better. And since you're superstitious, I won't say anything about your house except good luck.

    Take care and have fun with your busy weekend plans!

  3. The pictures from the house look nice. I especially like the red door. And the kitchen, it's a blank slate ready for whatever loveliness you have planned.

    And awesome shot of the bird!

  4. Looks like a fantastic little place to live! I've really been considering scaling down lately, even though I love our little house.

    Congrats, also, on the d80! I just got my new Canon and I'm loving it!


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