Check It Out Update.

Oh hi there!! It is so nice of you to visit! We are still recovering and recuperating here (is that redundant?) which has given us a lot of opportunity to make the most of our local library. I am still very tired and kind of loopy (a life-long affliction) so today I will have to leave you with a partially illustrated list of my most recent borrowed beauties.

Sew Subversive - I think that this is a fun book with easy and stylish projects. I am not really sure that I will make any of the projects, but it sure is fun to read and peruse!

Photoshop CS2 Raw - First of all, look at this little girl. Could she be any cuter? I want one straight out of the catalogue that they got this one from. Cute. Cute. Cute. Now then, this book is surprisingly un-complicated compared to a lot of the photography and Adobe books that I have read and I would suggest it for any level of photographer (who owns a copy of Photoshop CS2).

Sew U - I doubt that I even have to say very much about this book. It is concise and lovely. It makes me want to throw out every item of clothing in my closet, to start all over again all on my own, and to have the skill of Wendy and the body of the illustrated models. This is my very favorite book of all.

Fashion Illustrator - This is a great book. I love it. Anyone who wants to improve their people drawing skills would benefit from this book. This definitely takes place as my second favorite book.

The History Of Love - This book is simply in a league of it's own. This is one of my favorite reads of all time. The characters are rich and well developed and I find myself engrossed in the lives of every single one. You can join in on Lovely Lisa's Online Book Club at the Ship Of Fools.

Well, last night's Rat City Rollergirl's Championship Bout was a bit disappointing because neither of my favorite teams won. The Derby Liberation Front was undefeated ALL season and then lost by 3 points to the Sockit Wenches. Sad. It was fun though. Oh yeah, I forgot, it was really uncomfortable this time. We sat cross-legged on a concrete floor for 6 hours. Have you ever heard anything so sad in all your life? We are not physically fit enough to SIT at a sports event. *giggles* I am going to blame flu-like muscle pains! Oh well, I guess I should go practice sitting for next season. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Hugs and hugs! xox=vv.


  1. Good Lord! After six hours on concrete I'd be a permanent fixture to said concrete! There's no way my spine would straighten again.

  2. oohh books make me giddy!

    are you feeling better??? [how did you sit on concrete for 6 hours?????]


  3. LOVE that Sew U book. I flip through it every time I go to Barnes and Noble. She has such great patterns.

  4. Ha! I just flipped thru the 'Sew Subversive' book today and added it to my wishlist. I think it's great for beginners and folks thinking of adding sewing to their repertoire. But I'll check out 'Sew U,' too.


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