Thank you all so very much for your sweet and thoughtful birthday wishes! As I said, I have not ever really feared my 30's so those feelings were very new to me. After all of your kind encouragement however, I think those feelings are long gone. Now, I can not wait to be a part of the club! It has an awfully impressive list of members *smile*

Magpie Molly & The Squirrel

So, wanna hear about my birthday presents? Oh goodie!
Let me start with the most incredible and perfect surprise ever! I awoke Tuesday morning to find an e-mail from Flickr in my inbox. It ever so sweetly stated that this beautiful girl gave me a Flickr Pro Account to lavish in for the whole year! I wept with delight! It was so absolutely incredibly thoughtful! Miss Kuky is amazing, sweet, kind, generous and possibly psychic. She was not even aware of the following things:
1. I have bugged my husband for a Flickr Pro Account for weeks now.

2. Monday night I decided to use some birthday clout to properly beg for a Pro Account, but fell asleep before I could take advantage of the opportunity thus nullifying said "Birthday Clout."

3. I am an absolute camera junkie and was seriously considering a Polaroid Spectra from Lomographic Society International as a possible use for my "Birthday Bucks".

4. My sweet bird-loving husband who is also a camera junkie, was considering a new Sony H5 or Nikon 8800 to improve his high flying photography.

5. Even though we got the new Sony DSC N-1 for Christmas, Mister and I would combine our "Birthday Bucks" to buy a shared Nikon D50.

6. Lastly, that we would return said Birthday Nikon D50 and buy a Nikon D70 for our birthday and part Christmas present!
So can you believe it? A happy, happy Pro Flickr Account and a new Nikon D70 outfit? Yay! Joy of Joys! Thank you a million times Miss Korallin! I am absolutely thrilled and delighted!
The photos above were taken with the D50. The D70 is taking me a little bit longer to get used to. I am halfway through a book on Digital Photography and I look forward to learning as much as I can. If you have any Photography or the D70 tips I would absolutely love to hear them!
I am working to catch up now (although cuddly kittens [who turned 1 year old yesterday] are trying to lull me into a nap) and I look forward to spending some quality time with you all! xox=vv.


  1. oh my gosh, i missed it, i MISSED IT!!!

    happy - belated - birthday wishes.

    and, a hearty congratulations on the d70, i am jealous as hell and quite excited to see what treasures you will produce.


  2. I'm so happy for you; sounds like a lovely birthday! (but I want one too. well, the D50 I think.)

    pout, stomp, sigh.

  3. you are such a pro.... and a camera whore [i can say this as i am one too!]

    happy b-day - again!!

  4. Ooooooo. Very jealous of new camera and pro flickr account.

  5. I love your new blog design ..... happy birthday :-)

  6. You are so very welcome!!

    And oooooh!! A new camera!! Alan keeps telling me to buy a new camera but I'm waiting for I don't know what reason. What book are you reading? I want to learn to take better pictures with my camera.

  7. hooray for happy birthdays! whoo! hehe... mines coming up soon and i am already happy about it because jaime will be home for it! :) he returns next monday. yay!

  8. hey - i guess you and kittys share the same astrological sign =)

  9. hey - i guess you and kittys share the same astrological sign =)


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