Hi sweeties! I am working on the site today. Things might look funny or they might have funny links or they might just seem funny all together. My current goal is to work on this site non-stop until I can finally check it off my to-do list . My current estimate of the amount of time it will take to get everything working? A couple days.

Right now my biggest annoyance/problem is the positioning of the body and title bar of the blogger template vs. the rest of the site. I want all the pages to look like the blog. Currently if you flip through all the site pages the main sections move back and forth and up and down a bit. It makes me frown. If you have any ideas or if you can see where I have gone wrong, I would love, love, love to know. Hugs!! xox=vv.


  1. ok - you ready?

    i don't think you make them all look exactly like the blog - but you can at least make the 3 others look the same.

    easiest thing would be to pick your favorite page and copy the content of the other two onto that page and then save as - and replace the old pages [make sense?]

    but if you want to know why.... it's in the math

    on the portfolio page you have your heading here:
    [div style="position:relative;top:-15px;width:818px;height:502px;background-color:#fff;-adbe-g:p;"]

    notice the -15 - that's why it's off the top of the page...

    on your links:
    [div style="position:absolute;top:0px;left:0px;width:812px;height:167px;"]

    so you don't even have the left on your portfolio... and since this is all living w/in something that centered you don't technically need the left - but this is where you want to make everything the same....

    hope that helps!

    p/s wouldn't let me comment w/ the triangle brackets so i changed them to []

  2. Ok I have an idea. Every time I changed my blog banner I wanted all the rest of my project pages to match. It was a PAIN to change them all individually. I MEAN AN ABSOLUTE NIGHTMARE. Each project had it's on page so you can imagine the horror with at least 51 projects.

    I finally came upon the solution that worked for me. I use a stylesheet which is CSS. I link my blog template to that as well as all my project pages. So when I make a change it is on my stylesheet and everything changes. YAY!!

    Which reminds me. I'm going to make a change soon. The weather here has finally gotten cold and there we are in my banner sitting in swim suits.

    Email me if you need more specifics. :) Hugs!!


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