I feel like a zombie this week.

Well, maybe not a zombie because they have a tendancy to walk around moaning, searching for brains to snack on and seriously that sounds like way to much work! I have had an average of 11 hours of sleep each night and all I feel like doing durring the day is napping. It may because the mister has gone into the office this week and I miss him. I don't know.

Per usual, I am still behind. I did however get one thing done, my very first Gocco print. I tried not to overly invest in this print because I knew there were a hundred and fifty ways for me to screw it up *smile* Hugs to you. xox=vv.

You can see my first gocco print here.


  1. I love it. Are you going to put it on any clothing or fabric?

  2. I'm sorry you're feeling like a zombie this week. But you still got your first gocco print done!! Awesome! Was it easy?

  3. Love the print! I am a less a zombie than usual, actually, which is a pleasant surprise.

  4. love your gocco print. cheers! shari


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