What Could Be Wrong?

This is a new test post to test my feed - the rss and atom are still not working I think... hmmph! I think I may have to ask the lovely and talented miss solomon for some help. I am keeping my fingers crossed that she will not mind!

Update: Did I mention that she is lovely and talented? Oh good, the feed got itself in gear before I could really get to bothering miss solomon, but she was, of course, as delightful as ever. Thank you missy!


  1. you don't need my help smart girl.... these two posts showed up in bloglines so all is well and working! TA DA!

    are you back for good now??? xoxo

  2. yes the posts weren't there last night on bloglines but here they are this morning. Yippee! :)

  3. Sorry you're having troubles...

  4. Oh! Thank you all very very much for the support! I was sneaky and looked at miss solomon's feed and noticed that she had titles. After I figured out how to add them, the rss worked. Although, I think it was just coincidence because the posts without titles showed up too! Ah well!

    Sending you all my very best! xox=vv.


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