VegasandVenice ... Now With Those Fancy Links!

Hello there! Today I got the links up and running. I am trying to finish at least one page a day and then address the required fine tuning (page positions etc). I am having a hard time writing the "info" page. Also, I am not exactly sure what I will put on the portfolio page just yet, but for now it will be some of these sketch book paintings (better ones I hope) and some postcards, and oh ... I don't know what else.


These are not very good but they are little free-hand drawings/paintings done with ink and acrylics. I like the vast little field of color because I love the feel of painting large strokes with smooth paint. I would like to make more little paintings like these to sell if I can find anyone interested in them. I think they will be relatively cheap, because I am not sure anyone will like my style and I will have to feel the whole thing out.


Also, I am switching paints a bit. I may be selling some acrylics (as well as a hardly used, good quality potters wheel and a brand-new lendrum double treadle spinning wheel). I have some student quality acrylics and some professional quality acrylics. They were originally between 4 and oh 20 dollars a piece. For some strange reason though, I LOVE the cheap 99 cent acrylic paint for plaster figures on watercolor paper. If the permanence is all right, I may switch over to that or I may switch to gouache. I am looking for a smooth milky opaque texture. Am I crazy?

Okay this post is way, way to long! Sorry about that. Hey, if you don't mind I think I will respond to comments in the comment section for a little while. Let me know if you are unhappy with this or if you would prefer that I email or snail mail *smile* Thank you all for your kind words, help and support through this time of transition (we are almost there, I can feel it) and always! xox=vv.


  1. oh. my. gosh.
    i would buy ALL of these in a heartbeat!!! they are wonderful! please, oh please, sell them! :)
    p.s. i got my monster book and stickers in...LOVE them! and your packaging is super-cute, too.

  2. hey... love love the new paintings... esp. the girl in the last post....

    and you should try these acrylics:

    they are super smooth and good for no brushmarks.... the problem w/ the 99cent kind is they don't hold up so well... not great binders and pigments. if you use the soft body kind w/ mediums you'll have a good ole time! promise!

    gouache is good too.... and now i've left a really long comment....

    yay for your new work!

  3. these girls are GREAT - wonderful - charming. you will definitly have to stop saying they are not very good, because clearly you are wrong...

  4. Oh you are all so wonderfully sweet!!

    Wonderful Cathy - Thank you! Thank you! You are such a wonderful sweetie! I am so very happy you like everything. I know if you are fond of it then I am on the right track!

    Lovely Lisa - He He! I just bought a trial bottle of that very Liquitex yesterday. I like it, but I've been considering Golden. Do you think that moving from my student paints to the proffesionals are worthwhile if I hope to sell originals? It seems like a good idea to me, but I would love to hear your thoughts. Thank you a million times for your help, your kind words, your sweet encouragement and your inspiration!

    Sweet Poodles Stephanie - Thank you so very much for your encouragement. I will try to be a bit more positive about them, but it is really your kindness and thoughtful words that even give me a glimmer of future confidence about my work. You are such a dear and I am very appreciative of your support!xox=veevee.

    Oh Cutie Miss Kuky - Thank you so incredibly much for your kind words, your encouragement and your support! You are such a sweetheart!! Hugs too you and Miss Isabelle!

    Have a wonderful night dear ones!xox=vv.

  5. P.S. Lovely Lisa - I meant to ask what you think of the difference between Golden/Liquitex? I do like the new hibiscus colored Liquitex concetrate I bought. You have wonderful taste in paints!! Thank you and Hugs!!

  6. i don't really have a preference when it comes to golden/liquitex... my friend is a rep for liquitex so she gives me free samples... :) so i know how the stuff works to teach with....

    professional paints ARE better... so i totally recommend them - more pigment [yay!]

    golden is good too - i know plenty of people who swear by them.... i think it's a cost/what you like issue more than anything....

  7. Oh Lisa, You are such a dream! Thank you a billion times and a big big hug! xox=vv


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