Traveling Down Meme-ory Lane.

So, the Mister and I have been saying stupid things since the beginning of our times. Literally, I think my first words were "Smurfs wear shoes," which makes absolutely no sense at all! For some strange reason though, I have started writing down these nugget-shaped quotes to share with the blog world when I sense that the time is right. While I am not ready to share all of them, I thought I would share some of the dog related quotes for Darling Miss Jessica & Fidel's meme.

Basically, this meme requires that I tell you five strange things about Charlie (although I am afraid that these may truly reveal a bit too about his owners). Here goes.

1. On the subject of Charlie's favourite treat, the man said to me -

"I don't know. He's already had two paper bags today and we don't want to spoil him."

2. On the subject of Charlie's disposal of bodily waste, I said to myself -
"Charlie is pooping up a storm. I guess that makes him a Storm Pooper."

3. On the subject of the ways I find to "play" with Charlie, I said to the man -
"I started a pillow fight with Charlie today and totally won and then I was all like "Yeah Bitch!"

4. On the subject of creating a scrapbook for Charlie (or any other dog) the man came up with the following theme -
"Hopes... Dreams... Liverwurst."

5. On the subject of Charlie's enduring love of jumping up to put his paws on your shoulders so as to simply facilitate the chewing of your random upper body parts, I said to the man -
"I am getting the worlds most annoying hug!"

Now, what have we learned about Charlie from this meme list?
1. Charlie absolutely LOVES paper bags, but even more-so if there are tortilla chips inside.

2. Charlie is a large dog with large waste.

3. Charlie's skills in a pillow fight are lacking, especially when compared to my mad-crazy-pillow-weilding-skills. Also, if I am ever in a pillow fight with some thugs in a back alley some where, Charlie will NOT have my back.

4. This meme is as close as Charlie will ever get to a scrapbook that he could call his own and that makes him sad.

5. While I have taught Charlie to "give kisses" (more commonly described as bashing his nose against your face in a swift jabular motion) his hugging skills are still currently lacking.

Okay now, I am supposed to list five other people to participate in this meme. I can only think of two though! Update: I am totally inept at memes. I just found out that the one person I was going to tag (who has two dogs) has already done this meme *pout* I will add people to this meme as I find them I guess. Sorry!

Have a wonderful night everyone! xox=vv.


  1. Give Charlie a little rub on the snoot from me! :)

  2. Ha ha ha! You taught him to jab his nose in your face? Ha ha ha ha!!

  3. You're a funny gal! I needed a good laffing session this afternoon, thanks for making it happen!And... I love Love LOVE yer illustrations - you are a mighty talented person! :)


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