Technical Difficulties.

Oooh hello! Well somehow, Blogger lost my index page or did something terribly silly with it. I feel absolutely positive that it ... ahem... had nothing to do with me.

So, I made this little sign to replace my missing index page. I went back to blogger to play around with it in hopes of discovering the problem or solution. After trying to re-publish my last post again with no success, I decided to re-publish my entire site. Voila, it was back. Just like that. I am such a dolt sometimes!! Ah well, happy to be back.

Hey is it just me or does it seem like we need some more around-the-house pictures here. It feels like I have been incredibly digital lately and that I am lacking some real photos. Whatya think?

Hope you are all having a fabulous day! xox=vv.


  1. Well, I guess it's not so bad to have technical difficulties if we get to see more of your cute illustrations! Good luck whipping Blogger into shape!

  2. ahem... all i can say is that when i want to do a custom blog for my business. girlfriend i am hiring you. okay. wow you are tenacious. tenacious and talented! xo oh and ps. I LOVED my postcard! I love the color. and i think you sculpted her just grande!

  3. I love the new look too. So clean and clever.

    The illustrations are nice, but I'd love to see more photos too!

  4. I love the drawing. Are you doing that by hand and then scanning or in AI?

  5. I love your illustrations and your pictures too (if you want to share them). Ah! Thank you for your beautiful comment on my blog, means a lot to me!

  6. i think this has happened to me once or twice, so we can be "dolts" together! :) hehe. i am also enjoying your recent illustrations :) but i would also love to see photos! yes! :) anything would be fine, as long as you're doing it!

    ps-igotyourlovelypostcardinthemailandwillbesendingyouoneinthemailshortly!! <3

  7. oops, now that didn't work! well, anyway you get the point. hehe.


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