Blurry Nut.

Before I begin, please let me say that I did not think that the title of this post would sound so dirty. Oh sure it sounds funny, but really it is quite a frustrating condition. You see, somewhere between Illustrator, GoLive and Blogger the words "Get a Nut" become oddly blurry. Actually, I have already found that it works fine in Illustrator and translates well to GoLive as you can see on this page, but I think that the blogger css is stretching or shrinking it and making the nut blurry. Sad, sad, and sad!

MoleskineGirl01 MoleskineSq

If you have any suggestions or thoughts, I would be pleased as punch to hear them. I am working to get the blurriness resolved and I am building the other pages too. I made a little painting for this post and I will be adding it a little later. I am also going to change a few things about the previous posts so I send my most sincere apologies to the Bloglines subscribers. I will try not to do that too often as I know that it produces duplicate feeds. You can turn this feature off and I would be happy to help with that little procedure.
Hugs and Best Wishes to you all!
Update: The lovely miss solomon solved this problem before I could even conceptualize a way to bother her with this problem! Thank you miss! You are a dream! xox=vv.


  1. yay! you are almost there, yes??? and we have you back then?

    the stretch... in blogger you have the image size as 814 - on the other page it's 812 - those 2 pixels are messing you up!

  2. You must have fixed it because it looks fine to me. :)

  3. Oooh love the little paintings from your sketchbook!

  4. Oh you are all so good to me!

    Sweet Alicia - I am all yours (well ya know blogishly *smile*). I think we are well on our way here! You are all so wonderful that I hate being away for too long *smile*

    Oh Lovely Lisa - You know you are always in my heart, but yes I hope to be re-immersed in this delightful blog-o-sphere and to make this space something that is easy for all of us to use!! Your help is really making this even faster than I could have imagined! Thank you again brilliant sweet girl!

    Miss Cutie Kuky - Lisa did it! She gave me the answer so fast that my head spun and I fixed it right away. Thank you so much for keeping me on track! Hugs! Oh thank you so very much for your kind kind words!!!

    Dear Delightful Dawn - :) We have been discussing things around here and I hope to get an email reply to you very very soon! Yay! for your first day of school! I am thinking of you and of course I am still here to chat if you need a break:)

    I hope you all have a delightful day! xox=vv.


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