Am I On The Crazy Train?

I feel as though I've been smoking something, because I really find these to be quite fascinating. They look best at the largest size. I guess I love the look that something has rustled the leaves on the other side of the trees.

I don't know yet, but this may possibly be a print for sale? I would love to offer custom colors on all prints. Is that tooooo ambitious? Are these totally boring you?

No cleaning today. I have been so under the weather. I hope that you are all having fun, fun, fun though! xox=vv.


  1. i must be
    the same
    thing then-
    i think
    are really
    like an
    abstracted leaf...
    i am not sure
    custom colors-
    sounds like
    a lot of work
    for you
    you have
    the perfect

  2. so we're all on the same stuff?

    love these christine... and don't do custom colors. trust your choices... they are great.

  3. Very nice! I am excited to see you are on bloglines (def. added you in there - I am a bit behind, still!). You have been busy!

  4. They ARE fascinating! I meant to comment on Saturday and also yesterday but ended up staring at them intently.

  5. lovely!
    oh i step away (actually held hostage by life, work, and keeping up with both) for a couple weeks and look what your lovely hands have created. i get so inspired by your raw courage and vibrant talent. kudos. thankyou. and keep it coming. i love the new site. i like courier, the grid and the new icons. all is fab (as always). one day i hope to embark on an ounce of what you do. cleaning is overrated. take a nap instead. hugs! ps. i love this color scheme and the image. i think your pick of color will make theme more special!


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