Attempting To Build A Blog 4.

Hello again wonderfuls! Is this where I get on the bandwagon? I searched for this little bit of fun a couple weeks ago with Miss Solomon's help and it arrived a couple days later along with some extra ink and a few accessories. Yipee! I can not wait to actually make a gocco print. I don't know what to make though.

I do need to get a few things finished up first, so I guess that I have some time to think about it. I am still working on the site. Obviously, it is still not perfectly perfect over here, but it is fast now! Yay. I can post in approximately four seconds and now I have the ability to upload only modified files (which was not possible with iweb). The house is a mess. An absolute mess. I've been working behind the scenes on quite a few things here and the house is certainly suffering. I look forward to returning your sweet e-mails and catching up with all of you. That will be my reward for finishing a few more of my chores. Communicating with you all is a wonderful reward. In the meantime, I am thinking of you and wishing you all well. Have a wonderful day dear ones. xox=vv.

*All of your sweet comments were saved to Haloscan at the time of original post*

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