Attempting To Build A Blog 3.

Hiya lovely girls (and boys? hmmm .. I don't think so), I am sorry if I implied that I knew anything about css or xml yesterday. I did not mean to make it sound like I have any real clue about anything and I apologize. I simply meant that I had to figure it out sans the book. I did rely heavily on website tutorials and tips. Ms. Solomon is very correct, there are many people out there at all different learning levels and I hope I was not insensitive. I was frustrated and a little shocked that the tutorials for complex software programs were teaching you about text formatting 3/4 of the way through the book. Today I deleted and rebuilt the site three times. At the end I decided that I was happier with it this morning so I simply downloaded yesterday's version and scrapped all the changes. Ah well. The most important thing to me at this moment is being able to let you know that I am here behind a curtain of confusion and I hope it will clear away soon so that it is easier to share with you. Good night sweet ones. xox=vv.

*All of your sweet comments were saved to Haloscan at the time of original post*

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