Attempting To Build A Blog 2.

All right, I am pretty sure this is a battle, but still completely unsure of who is winning. Am I getting closer? Gosh and golly, I hope so. We may need to make a book exchange tomorrow. The ones I have are a bit too "tutorial." As in, "Now open the site that we have created and click on some of the type. Go up to the toolbar and hit the "center" button and change the format of the text to center it on the page." I mean, I know that is not so bad, but first of all come on ... page 225? You have got to be kidding me! Is there still anyone out there who does not know how to center text on a page? Also, I don't want to open your training site. I want to work on my site. I do not need a tutorial on everything. Just please tell me how to edit the css and the xml (both of which I figured out the majority of on the first day sans books). I want all the details but I don't need to open three other programs to learn how to center the font.

Oh yeah, and here is a postcard I made. not to be a tease, but I am sure there will be more on that later. I am exhausted. well, all my love to all you lovelies! xox=vv.

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