Attempting To Build A Blog 6.

In general, I tend to feel relatively one dimensional. I find temporary dimension in the things that sustain me. This is a short list of those things:

Veneer by Jose Gonzalez - I love the sound of his fingers moving against the guitar strings. It is very possibly my favorite sound in the whole world.

Was that tooo short? *smile* Am I the only one who feels this way? I dont know how to translate dimension into my work. I have so much to share with you. I just keep looking for that dimension on the page. So what is giving you sustenance and dimension today? How do you incorporate that dimension into your creative ventures? I would love to know. Thank you wonderful people. xox=vv.

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Attempting To Build A Blog 5.

Hello delightful people. I would like to tell you that the New & Improved Shy Monsters coloring, journaling, story books are finally here! Yay!
I am afraid that a machine malfunction and its required replacement at the printers took a little longer than expected. The coloring book was the first order to be filled with the new machinery. The printers are wonderful and fabulously helpful and I am very thankful for all their hard work. The coloring books and stickers are now available at my etsy shop. There is a reserved set of books and stickers for the people who asked to be on the mailing list. There will also be books and stickers available that are not reserved but the total amount of those books available will be based on the reserved sales. Huh? Yeah, that confused me. *smile* Hopefully, I will be all caught up here soon, which means that I can catch up with all of you dear wonderful people! xox=vv.

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Attempting To Build A Blog 4.

Hello again wonderfuls! Is this where I get on the bandwagon? I searched for this little bit of fun a couple weeks ago with Miss Solomon's help and it arrived a couple days later along with some extra ink and a few accessories. Yipee! I can not wait to actually make a gocco print. I don't know what to make though.

I do need to get a few things finished up first, so I guess that I have some time to think about it. I am still working on the site. Obviously, it is still not perfectly perfect over here, but it is fast now! Yay. I can post in approximately four seconds and now I have the ability to upload only modified files (which was not possible with iweb). The house is a mess. An absolute mess. I've been working behind the scenes on quite a few things here and the house is certainly suffering. I look forward to returning your sweet e-mails and catching up with all of you. That will be my reward for finishing a few more of my chores. Communicating with you all is a wonderful reward. In the meantime, I am thinking of you and wishing you all well. Have a wonderful day dear ones. xox=vv.

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Attempting To Build A Blog 3.

Hiya lovely girls (and boys? hmmm .. I don't think so), I am sorry if I implied that I knew anything about css or xml yesterday. I did not mean to make it sound like I have any real clue about anything and I apologize. I simply meant that I had to figure it out sans the book. I did rely heavily on website tutorials and tips. Ms. Solomon is very correct, there are many people out there at all different learning levels and I hope I was not insensitive. I was frustrated and a little shocked that the tutorials for complex software programs were teaching you about text formatting 3/4 of the way through the book. Today I deleted and rebuilt the site three times. At the end I decided that I was happier with it this morning so I simply downloaded yesterday's version and scrapped all the changes. Ah well. The most important thing to me at this moment is being able to let you know that I am here behind a curtain of confusion and I hope it will clear away soon so that it is easier to share with you. Good night sweet ones. xox=vv.

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Attempting To Build A Blog 2.

All right, I am pretty sure this is a battle, but still completely unsure of who is winning. Am I getting closer? Gosh and golly, I hope so. We may need to make a book exchange tomorrow. The ones I have are a bit too "tutorial." As in, "Now open the site that we have created and click on some of the type. Go up to the toolbar and hit the "center" button and change the format of the text to center it on the page." I mean, I know that is not so bad, but first of all come on ... page 225? You have got to be kidding me! Is there still anyone out there who does not know how to center text on a page? Also, I don't want to open your training site. I want to work on my site. I do not need a tutorial on everything. Just please tell me how to edit the css and the xml (both of which I figured out the majority of on the first day sans books). I want all the details but I don't need to open three other programs to learn how to center the font.

Oh yeah, and here is a postcard I made. not to be a tease, but I am sure there will be more on that later. I am exhausted. well, all my love to all you lovelies! xox=vv.

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Attempting To Build A Blog 1.

Hello. This is not as fun or easy as previously expected. As a matter of fact, it is quite an unpleasant experience all-in-all. Today I figured out a lot of behind the scenes information. Tomorrow I will have to figure out how to make this look a lot lot prettier. I am very happy that you visited in the meantime. I miss you all. I am going to attempt comments. I would love to know if it works. thank you. xox=vv.

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The Paper Source Of All My Joy.

Oh, the Paper Source ... hmmm ... happiness! I have some more goodies but these were on hand during the photo shoot. Anyway, I will tell you more about the purpose of these items at a later date.

There is more pressing news right now. Did you notice the new main page? What do you think? There may be quite a few changes to come which stem from my overwhelming need to post in less than 4 hours. In the meantime I thought I would try out a bit of the new design on the front page while I work on the whole site on a bigger scale. That way, if you hate it or you hurt yourself pointing and laughing, I have time to change it before to many people get hurt! I am curious to know what you think.

p.s. We keep getting orders and we are very close to printing now!

So, please email me at vegasandvenice@comcast.net if you are interested in purchasing a Shy Monsters coloring book or stickers in the next run. I will keep the run very limited again and only order the amount requested. Thank you very much! Have a wonderful day!!

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