Wip It ... Wip It Real Good.

We made this book for Si a couple days ago. It is a nice natural card stock outside, with an inner liner sheet of pale green vellum. Inside there is 40 spaces for the various birds he comes across.

We expected it to last quite a while, but in one week he has almost filled the whole thing. I am considering the possibility of making a few more of these books for different subjects, but I guess I better make another one of these first or we might have a backlog. It needs a couple of improvements so this is a quick example of one of my wips (works in progress). There are a lot of them right now, but this is the only one I have a photo of right now. Sorry!

Okay, something a bit more interesting on it’s way, I promise! I am a WIP and so is this site! Are you bearing with me? If so, thank you!! It means the world to me!

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