They Are Here.

Yippee Ka Doo! The coloring books came back from the printers today. I am very excited! I am still pretty nervous about the whole thing, as I have the frightening feeling that they will be here gathering dust for years to come.

I realized today, that if I was really trying to market the book, then I would have made the cover bright and fun and attractive. However, I was really hoping that people would color the cover in the colors that they love. Even if it is not all that exciting from a sales point of view. Ah well. I simply can not wait to get them up in the shop. I would like to maybe have a couple other things there too over the next few days!

I have a ton and a half of packages to get out. It’s on it’s way tomorrow, I promise! So I will address that first and then get together a miniature group of things for the official shop opening *eek*! I think that I will have a miniature “Grand Opening” party and send out tiny little flyers and virtual glasses of champagne! What do you think?

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