Matilda Monday.

So, I have decided to impart the same advice to you as I did to Miss Solomon and I quote “I know that pirates are ALL the rage right now, but I am not 100% positive that eye patches are really all that comfortable! You have to pace yourself. Point and then laugh. Wait till you are done laughing before attempting to point again and then repeat the cycle!” Lastly, please don’t make me draw a diagram!

Here she is, Matilda. Now you may be asking yourself “Self? Is that ONE stripey sock that I see Matilda wearing?” Because, I can not read your mind (at least that’s what I tell people) you will have to answer yourself. So tell yourself “Self, that IS one stripey sock that Matilda is wearing. It looks as though it was lovingly and painstakingly embroidered right on her leg.” And ya know what, if I could read your mind, I would tell you that you are a very very smart little cookie to have figured that out so fast!

This Matilda was created specifically for Miss Korallin who really helped me out when decision time came around for the Shy Monster coloring books. Which may have another run very soon. So this jazzy little cupcake of a doll is going to be traveling to this jazzy little cupcake of a doll very soon! Thank you again Miss!

P.S. Please email me at vegasandvenice@comcast.net if you are interested in purchasing a Shy Monsters coloring book or stickers in the next run. I will keep the run very limited again and only order the amount requested. Thank you very much!

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