In The Mood.

I am in the mood for a complete overhaul. The website, I mean. On the other hand, what couldn’t use an overhaul around here? This is my new business card, although, not the best version of it (hmmm... looks blurry). It goes along with the new shop.

I wanted to post yesterday to tell you that I had the coloring book in hand. Alas, it was not meant to be. We went to the printers to see the proof and there was a few necessary changes to be made. They called this afternoon though (hopefully everything is fixed) and they are finally all ready! We get to pick them up tomorrow! Yipeee!

In the mean time, I really want to mix the site up a bit to reflect the feeling that I have going on in the business card here. Oh well, one thing at a time ... one thing at a time!

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