Last Matilda-esque picture for a little while I promise! I really have more important things to show you. Anyway though, this is the prototype of a little sticker set that I have been drawing obsessively. They are so much fun!! I call them alpha-betters and they are little personalized monogramed hand drawn stickers. This one is on Matilda’s skirt and you may have already guessed that M is for Matilda *smile* See, I told you yesterday that you were a smart little carrot and I was right!!

Speaking of carrots, most kittens don’t like water but mine are doing the backstroke in their dish. Why it that? Must they splash around? Doesn’t that seem unnatural? What does this have to do with carrots? hmmm ... pondering.

p.s. The order will be placed shortly! So, please email me at vegasandvenice@comcast.net if you are interested in purchasing a Shy Monsters coloring book or stickers in the next run. I will keep the run very limited again and only order the amount requested. Thank you very much! Have a wonderful day!!

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