The Aerialistas.

So, of course, I have a million a half things to tell you. I will start here, with the Aerialistas. As I promised in my last post, I present you with cheerleaders climbing ropes to do aerial feats of wonder in an airplane hanger as the half time entertainment at the last Rat City Rollergirls bout! They were totally incredible and if you ever have the chance to see them perform (they are not always dressed as cheerleaders), I highly recommend it. There is not a whole lot out there that can compete with the sheer wonder that is the roller derby, but this came awfully close!

There is a lot more news coming. I have a relatively mind-boggling amount of projects on-the-go and fun news to share with you. I will be working to catch up with blogs and e-mails today and maybe every subsequent day for the next week. You have all been busy!

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