The Five & Ten.

Okay, seriously, I am trying to catch up and keep up. I am feeling a bit overwhelmed at it all. I hope this weeks Panty O’ Scopes will be out later today. Thanks for bearing with me.

Ten Simple Pleasures - tagged by these two darling girls - Amanda & Poodles

10. The comfy feel of my favorite DLF shirt, granny panties and my cloudy pajamas bottoms.

9. Quiet moments where dogs aren’t chasing kittens and cats aren’t chasing dogs.

8. A warm sunny day with a cool breeze and a comfortable night.

7. Swimming in glacial river waters on an extremely hot day.

6. The smell of the ocean and the gentle rocking of the waves.

5. The zen-ful feeling of a clean home.

4. A breath of fresh clean air.

3. A new musical obsession in conjunction with the extreme overuse of the repeat button.

2. Divine Inspiration, creative spark, courageous creation, quick production and joyful completion.

1. Waking in the morning with the feeling that I am actually happy to see the sun shining and looking forward to a new day.

Five - tagged by these three sweet girls - Cally, Tangerine and Carolyn

Five minutes to yourself: how would you spend them, ideally?

Listening to the cacophony of excited conversations in a multitude of foreign languages intertwined with the sounds of dress shoes on cobblestones and the reverberation of the nearby church bells while nestled inside of room 206 at the Hotel Concordia on San Marco Square in Venice, Italy.

Five bucks to spend right now; how would you spend it?

On a couple beautiful pieces of italian paper.

Five items in your house you could part with, right now, that you hadn't thought of already?

- The bowl of moldy strawberries that I just took a bite of.

- The sample bag of sugar free candy that makes me sick (sugar alcohol - BAD).

- These four black photo boxes that I started painting but did not finish. I use clear bins for everything. Why do I still have these?

- Our box of papers waiting to be shredded, leftover after the complete annihilation of our previous shredder.

- The actual small pile of get rid of stuff including goodwill donations, electronic garage sale items and old cleaning supplies. It is finally time for a garage sale!

Five items you absolutely, positively could not ever part with in your house?

- The photograph of my father and I.

- The bassinet that my father built for me when I was born.

- My cuddly (a sweatshirt of my husbands that I have had for so long that it is practically shredded)

- The framed photograph of my mother’s mother age 5.

- The ring above from my father’s mother’s jewelry box.

Five words you love?

- “enjoy-canoe” (a password on an aol cd)

- ”grump-favor” (also a password on an aol cd)

- “kazoo”

- “panty”

- “snazzy”

Everyone I know has already done these memes. So I don’t really have anyone to tag. If you would like to participate and have not had a chance yet, please consider yourself tagged!!

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