After Lisa’s comment yesterday that I better “REVEAL MORE!!!!!!!! [or else]” I thought I would share this with you.

Why? Well, first of all I don’t want to be on Lisa’s danger side (did you see the [or else]???) and secondly, I want to virtually send you all one of these. Although, we quickly decided that Lisa’s danger side was probably as fun and lovable as she is ALL the time and I know virtual necklaces aren’t easily wearable (just open this page, attach a chain or rope to your computer monitor or laptop and then simply wear around your neck ... not that difficult after all, I guess.)

Last July, I had the fabulous idea of making shrinky dink resin necklaces. Well, a year later and we are still hoping the resin will set ... brilliant huh? Not sure where to go with these today (an idea and design I still want to explore). So in the meantime, I send them to you virtually for all of your sweet, sweet comments about the coloring book! I am still shy and I am starting slow with this old drawing, but boy are you ever encouraging!! Thank you!

This is the drawing of my b.f.f. necklaces. Made in all sorts of colors each person would get a half heart in the colors of their choice. Since the shrinky dinks are already made you might see a bit more of these later!

However, you are all my b.f.f. now (whether you like it or not). I l.y.l.a.s. and I hope you k.i.t.!!

P.S. Translations ... b.f.f.= best friends forever and l.y.l.a.s. = love ya like a sister and k.i.t.= keep in touch. *smile* Oh, weekly Panty O’Scopes later today along with some beautiful oddities that I got yesterday! I continue work on “Shy Monsters” this week and hope to make them available very soon! ~TTFN! (ta ta for now!)

*All of your sweet comments were saved to Haloscan at the time of original post*

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