Awww ... Disappointment.

So Saturday night was bout 2 of the roller derby season here. My favorite team the Derby Liberation Front won their bout even without the incredible jammer #16 Burnett Down as she was out with an injury. She still got into the best fight of the night with a Sockit Wench and thus secured my total girl crush on this bad ass beauty!

Here is where my disappointment begins. Sunday night a fund raising skate at the local rink was planned. We were all set to go. I asked hubby for a new pair of skates and a skate-date quite a long time ago and well really I just kept putting them aside. This, however, was my chance. I would not only get my new skates and my skate night but I would also get to skate in the presence of the totally awesome Ratcity Rollergirls! Be still my beating heart. However on Sunday Si really wasn’t feeling so great and in the end either was I so we did not go. Now I really am crushed!

Anyway ... here are this weeks Panty O’ Scopes if you are wearing:

Red Panties- Today a new relationship may be severely affected based on whether or not you remembered to brush your hair.

Orange Panties- Today a friend will ask a favor. Whatever it is don’t do it! Well, unless you really really still want to be friends, then I guess maybe it’s okay.

Yellow Panties- Today you will find inspiration is everywhere (no really ... you’ve got some stuck to the bottom of your shoe).

Green Panties- Today you will want to skip around and gather flowers, but trust me you really should put some clothes on first.

Blue Panties- Today you will discover that you need more details. “What kind of details?” you ask. Oh sheesh.

Purple Panties- Today you will find your inner child and realize they might need to stay away from the sugar.

Black, Brown or White Panties- Today you will find yourself bored, but in an exciting sort of way.

Floral or Patterned Panties- Today your plans may be ruined by unexpected things, which of course, will go very smoothly.

Please do not forget to add the words “in bed” if you are wearing lace panties. Also please do not feel any pressure to wear the same color or heaven forbid the same panties for an entire week. These will apply to any day of the week. Please do not forget the Random Panty Color Generator when you are deciding which color might be best for you!

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