When You’ve Got It, Flaunt It.

Yeah baby. I’ve still got it. The stomach flu. Yep, pretty impressed aren’t you? Oh sure some people only get the stomach flu for 24 hours but mine has stuck around all week. I think it’s cause we just really, ya know, click. We are opposites so we just attract. I like long walks on the beach and he enjoys quick sprints to the ladies room. It was clearly meant to be, or so I thought.

He has been treating me bad lately. I have heard some of the other girls around here talking about him. Now, I am not sure he is being faithful. Some of my friends are saying I should kick him to the curb, but it’s just so hard. I think we should maybe just start with counseling. I feel like I can change him.

In the meantime, I am sorry the Random Panty Color Generator has also been out sick! We have GOT to stop sharing our drinks. When one of us gets sick, the other one follows quickly behind. I hope we can both update more often but we both get queasy just moving around (which means that taking photos can be really tough). I will also have to catch us up on the daily photo colors later. Until then I thought I would show you the bib that I was up till 3 am embroidering for Abby. The pattern is from Jenny Hart’s stitch-it-kit. It is my very favorite. I was hoping to come up with a new pattern, but I just was not up to it. I added the text “feed me” and it still needs a nice backing sewn on, but HE won’t ALLOW me to use my sewing machine right now!

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