Quite Simply He Made Me Shutter With Delight. Six Times!

This post is not about color though, it is all about my husbands stamina! He can please me in ways that I never expected. For instance, on Saturday he took me to Ikea. He bought me this very cute garden gnome (who I have yet to name) and a little bag of swedish fish (who I forget to name before I ate them). On Sunday he suggested a trip to Home Depot where we were very, very naughty and spent all of our House Money. We purchased the six pairs of shutters required to adorn the rest of the windows on the side and back of the house. He spent the entire day hanging them. It went on for hours and required two more trips to Home Depot. He told me I was his dirty girl after I got these beautiful flowers into the pots on our deck. It made sense, I was covered in potting soil!

* I would love any suggestions for garden gnome appropriate names! Sadly, I am not very familiar with their culture. If you (or your garden gnome) have any suggestions, please leave a comment (which are now working ... yeah, you don’t have to e-mail anymore!)*

*All of your sweet comments were saved to Haloscan at the time of original post*

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