Panty O’ Scopes.

The first thing I need to tell you is that we are not actually obsessed with panties in this household. However, when you have your very own Random Panty Color Generator the subject comes up a bit more than it probably does in most households.

The Random Panty Color Generator came to me with an idea a few weeks ago. I was hesitant to post about it here as we were still introducing the concept of making responsible panty choices. She begged and hoped it might make at least one of you smile. Now, because of all your nice comments about our various panty projects we have decided to bring you “Panty O’ Scopes” on a trial basis.

The Random Panty Color Generator may not be able to tell you which panty color you are wearing, but she’ll let you know which panty color you should be wearing! You might be asking yourself though, “What will my day be like if I am already wearing panties that are different than today’s recommended random panty color?” Well, the answer is simple with the new the Random Panty Color Generator’s “Panty O’ Scopes”. Here are her predictions for your day ahead if you are wearing:

Red Panties- You will realize an important fact about something important today.

Orange Panties- Happiness will abound today.

Yellow Panties- Love is in the air today, but it might not smell as sweet as you hoped.

Green Panties- Beware of chinchillas today ... umm ... scratch that... you should always be wary of chinchillas!

Blue Panties- Don’t forget your keys, they will play an important part in your day.

Purple Panties- Well, you should probably try to remember your keys today also.

Black, Brown or White Panties- It is possible that today will be completely uneventful.

*All of your sweet comments were saved to Haloscan at the time of original post*

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