Orange You Glad To See Me.

If you can not tell by the last few posts, I am exhausted. I am completely not dealing with this time change very well at all. I wonder if you are feeling the same way and because you are not here to say how you are feeling, I have decided to just assume that you agree with me 100%, totally and completely.

I have also decided to assume (again since you are not here) that the following will make you smile (or at least roll your eyes) no matter how tired you are. Unscramble the words to get the answers! Great for little ones!!!

1. Where do burgers go to dance? (A taMe lBal)

2. What has a thousand ears but can’t hear? (A norC lieFd)

3. Why did the spider cross the computer? (oT etG oT isH eWb ietS)

4. What kind of glasses do spies wear? (pyS olscaF)

5. What part of your body has the most rhythm? (uorY raE mrsuD)

6. What does mother earth use to go fishing? (hrNto dAn utSho oleP)

7. What do whales like to chew? (rbebluB uGm)

8. Why didn’t the skeleton go to the party? (eH daH oN yBod oT oG hWit)

9. What is a ghosts favorite cereal? (maScer fO tahWe)

10. What did the belt get arrested for? (rFo gHnidlo pU eTh tsnPa)

11. What did the sock say to the foot? (eroYu niuPtgt eM nO)

12. What starts with “e” ends with “e” and has only one letter? (nA elvEpeno)

13. What do you call a fairy who never takes a bath? (Sernkit lBel)

14. What kind of phone never rings? (A aexnSopah)

15. What kind of bank has no money? (A erirv nkaB)

Looking for more questions? Buy these snacks (of course I did not eat all mine, I read the answers through the packaging)!! Do you have any suggestions to get us out of the “time change slumps”? I would love to hear them!

*All of your sweet comments were saved to Haloscan at the time of original post*

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