Let’s Bring It All Down A Little.

Okay, today we have to get serious (just this once I promise, until the next time I need to be serious, of course. I don’t know when that will be. Sometimes I am in a serious mood, sometimes I am not. It just depends. You know like nuts in your chocolate, one time one way , the next time the next. Ooooh... speaking of chocolate, have you tried this Haute chocolat for Vosges? Hmmm, yummy with strawberries... or rice. My point is that it is very good. Oh, wait ... my point. Did I get off track? I think I did. Where were we? Oh yeah...) really, we need to get serious! Sheesh! You guys! It’s tough to keep your attention for very long *wink*.

Yesterday was my Grandfather’s birthday !! He turned 80 and that is very exciting. My family celebrated with a huge party for him over the weekend. Sadly, because of our current non-local location, we could not join in the hoopla!

I wanted to make him something special though, so I painted this. There was a somewhat interesting disaster when my green tube of paint (which apparently was broken when I bought it, darn) leaked all over my bag and this canvas. It did come out the way I planned though. I hope it is masculine, but clean, simple and understated (I know that doesn’t necessarily make it good though). Above is the fixed-up and finished product.

Of course, I was going to just pick a random item to paint (you know old shoe, floss, whatever) but then I thought “why not paint something meaningful?” When I was a little girl, my grandfather used to wheel me around in his wheelbarrow to do the gardening! We both wore bandanas and I think I may have joined a gang. It was lots of fun! We always shared this special memory. Thanks for letting me share it with you too.

Okay, thats all, I promise. You may commence your wild revelry till the next time we need to get serious again!

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