I Must Express My Everyday Creativity.

These hand-embroidered cotton panties will gently remind you to express your Everyday Creativity, while also providing a discreet, yet fashionable, hiding place for your beloved pinking shears or perhaps your favorite knitting needles.

This is my entry for the whip-up whiplash. Why you ask? I wanted to explore the very real consequences of unexpressed creativity. The original idea for this project was embroidered toilet paper or panties with pockets for various craft supplies and so this combined concept was born (read: toilet paper was harder to embroider than previously expected).

I am not feeling so hot (read: stomach flu) and tomorrow or so, I will catch you up on all the reasons this project was doomed to fail. All I ask is that in the mean time, please, do not hurt yourself while laughing or pointing at these pictures. That would make me sad! Please take in to consideration that the writing looks much better on the models uhh ... twin cities (read: gluteul region), but she refused to be photographed (read: I don’t want you to see the twin cities).

Update: I wore my new panties yesterday and they were quite functional and comfortable. No body noticed my secret knitting needles and when I had a free moment I simply pulled the balls of yarn out of my bra and knitted up a quick pair of socks (read: the perfect on-the-go hiding spot for a few of my favorite rubber stamps)*wink*

Lastly, don’t miss the chance to catch a glimpse of my beautiful new niece in Thursday’s post (read: go now and have a nice day)!

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