Happy Friggin Birthday.

My beautiful, precious vegasandvenice.com celebrated it’s very first birthday this week. I wanted to do something special, something nice, something well ... celebratory. So I put together this little party.

Next, I turned my attention to birthday presents. I wanted to buy lots of gifts. I was thinking of clothes, but what size jumper does a one year old domain name wear? I thought of sweet stuffed animals, but I wondered what kind of creature would a domain name like to cuddle. Do domain names even know how to cuddle?

Perhaps in the end I got a little disenchanted with the whole idea, this entire domain name birthday thing became a little bit more difficult than I planned. This whole party was hand assembled from the chandelier, to the framed panties, to the paper birthday cake (real cake has way to many calories, and for some reason it does not taste as good 3 weeks and 6 days after it has been on display). Honestly though, I gave up all together. What’s in the boxes you ask? Nothing. She won’t know. She is only one year old for goodness sakes. She’ll probably just want to play with the boxes anyway.

So happy friggin birthday... I mean happy birthday vegasandvenice.com. I need a break!

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