Fetal Apron.

This is my belated entry into March’s Tie One On. It is also today’s turquoise photo for The Daily Color Project. Oh, and lastly it is also a submission into the Postcards From Cletus project .

Whoo, I know. Three in one. Pretty darn impressive huh? As if a fetal apron wasn’t impressive enough! Have you tried to make an apron for your fetus? All right, well I guess it is true that my fetus is, ya know, clay and all but he is very, very small. That is of course why he needs an apron. Imagine the day that he gets the scholarship to Le Cordon Bleu, one misplaced lettuce leaf and well ... it could be bad! This apron will surely protect him, not only from a terrible lettuce tragedy but also from the tragedy of terribly drab kitchen wear! What more could a fetal chef ask for?

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