Blue Bird Day.

The title of today’s post is actually the default name. It seemed appropriate. These are some yummy pictures of a couple sampler goodies. This vintage button pin that I love with all my heart is from pimienta negra.

Another one of my absolute loves is this turquoise glitter pin from glamscience whom I adore!

I am a glitter fiend and I have been actually using some of mine lately! Hope to share later. For now let me share these with you: Here are your Panty O’ Scopes for today if you are wearing:

 Red Panties- Watch your shoe laces as they may easily become untied today and this may have a serious effect on your future.

Orange Panties- Today you will remember the importance of your five daily fruits or vegetables.

Yellow Panties- Today a friend may approach you with a proposal (hopefully nothing kinky).

Green Panties- The earth is calling you today, she hardly ever leaves a voicemail though, so don’t forget to call her back (you know how she is with the guilt and the nagging “Why don’t you visit me anymore? Pluto’s children spent some quality time with her every day last week. Don’t you have time for your mother?” Don’t be selfish, she just wants the best for you!)

Blue Panties- Today blue birds will sing in honor of you (and your panties of course).

Purple Panties- Today is a good day for quiet meditation. What? You don’t like today’s Panty O’ ..... shhh... shhh ... remember, QUIET meditation.

Black, Brown or White Panties- You crave excitement today, but find it may be harder to achieve than it is for those people wearing yellow panties.

Floral or Patterned Panties- Today you may have a hard time committing (to a panty color, at least).

*Don’t forget to add the words “in bed” to the end of your daily Panty O’ Scope if you are wearing lace panties today. If this project continues to be interesting enough to carry on, it may have to have it’s very own page (or a part of The Random Panty Color Generators, since it was her brilliant idea in the first place *wink*). Have a wonderful night! Thinking of you and this crazy wonderful bloggy world we share! Thanks to the darling mav!

*All of your sweet comments were saved to Haloscan at the time of original post*

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