I’ve Made Contact.

That’s just not right. Before I begin this post, please allow me to apologize. Profusely.

I don’t know why I try to think of witty titles. I do know that it is very important that I stop. I mean really, a picture of an eye and a title containing the word “contact”. I know that you are an intelligent reader and that you can obviously put these two extremely cryptic clues together to ascertain the subject of this post. I also know that being a kind-hearted reader you probably tried your very best not to roll your eyes, but with todays title alone you find the temptation far to great to resist and I completely understand. I promise I will work on it.

Another thing I am trying to work on is making the best of my eyesight. I adore glasses with all my heart and each year I get a new pair (thank goodness for insurance). I just don’t wear them. At all. What-so-ever. Uh uh. Not more than once. I get a little bit claustrophobic having the frames on my face. They always end up as very unfashionable hair accessories.

Anyhow, on to a new step today as I got my first trial pair of contacts. I have an astigmatism so my contacts are a little less fun than ninety percent of the other lens brands out there. I was hoping to get green colored lenses someday. I am not sure they make them in this brand, but at least now I know for sure that they would indeed be very complementary to my extremely fashionable, now delightfully sore, bloodshot red eyes.

*The original photos will be restored to this post as soon as possible*

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